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Product Design

While working in grocery retail, Charlotte was frustrated with how much food gets wasted every day. She started TotalCtrl - a digital platform that helps businesses prevent food waste. Being highly aware of sustainability and its impact on the environment, we didn't waste any time when Charlotte knocked on our door to ask for UX/UI design help for her website, mobile and web apps. Let’s take total control of our food waste!

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Website & Booking Platform

Unforgettable traveling experiences with a great social impact are just a few clicks away. We helped Tereza Jureckova, the founder of the social enterprise Pragulic, to build a website that will walk you through booking special Prague tours guided by homeless people. By ongoing maintenance of the website, we daily help people in need on their journey to restart their lives. Tourists can now discover places off the beaten path and give a second chance to people who ended up without a home.

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USE IT Prague is part of the European-wide USE-IT network that provides city guides to young people traveling on a budget. Run by local volunteers, this non-profit prepares a beautifully crafted free map brochure every year. Whether you are tired of tourist traps, crowded places, and clichés or you just want to blend in, this handy guide will help you think and act like a local. Thanks to our team of designers and developers, you can now also USE IT online in the Czech Republic.

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Ondrej wanted to start a cleaning company and that’s when the Atomuklid brand was created. We've helped him break down dirt into atoms by making a clean sweep of promotional materials - from a logo and print materials, to a website and social media. By combining an atom and a droplet of water, we made a highly recognisable energetic logo. True blue and bright green colours create a fresh and clean feeling and underline the reliability of Atomuklid’s services.



Whether you are an established venture or not, pitching a project to a potential client is a crucial moment for securing a good business deal. The key to success lies in a well-designed presentation and that’s why we were there for Anastasia, a participant of the Czech Social Impact Awards, We provided her with an interactive InVision prototype for skill sharing app Walunity to test the concept with real users and to help drive her to success in the competition.



Mariel, previously a journalist, has always been passionate about fashion design. Currently being a mom in Venezuela, she puts her heart into hand crafting stylish necklaces and bracelets. She has always wanted to make others happy through her products and we helped her to make her wish come true. We defined a new branding style, then we designed and developed an ecommerce platform. Mariel’s motto is: "As long as your heart beats, there’s still time to fulfil your dreams."

Ahoy Gelato


Summer can be very hot in Prague and cooling down with a refreshing ice cream is a great way to beat the heat. As part of a new brand for a freshly opened ice cream shop, we developed a sweet colour palette merging pastel hues of orange and pink accompanied by a cabernet sauvignon tone. The logotype was constructed from circular shapes highlighting the tasty scoops. Ahoy greets passers-by and invites them inside to try out the delicious handcrafted desserts.

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